A Royal Night Out

Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Bow Tie Squire Cinemas, Great Neck

Dir. Julian Jarrold. UK, 2015, 97 min.

Starring Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Rupert Everett and Emily Watson

It’s Victory in Europe Day in 1945, and while the King and Queen of England (Rupert Everett and Emily Watson) prefer to observe the end of the Second World War as solemnly as possible, Princesses Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon) and Margaret (Bel Powley) are quite eager to participate in the revelry in the heart of London. Never before allowed to roam freely about in public, each girl is given a disguise, a chaperone, and a curfew. However, the girls quickly ditch their disapproving mother’s itineraries for an unforgettable night of adventure, drinking, and romance in this engaging film that is humorous, touching, and always very entertaining.

Official Selection – 2015 Hampton’s International Film Festival (Winner Breakthrough Performer Award for Bel Powley)

Sarah Gadon, Jack Reynor and Bel Powley charm in this brightly entertaining slice of imagined Royal Family history.” – Variety

Genuinely warm-spirited, with three lovable central performances.” – The Telegraph

Q&A with Simon Doubleday, Professor and Chair of History at Hofstra University. As part of discussion, we’ll also hear insights from screenwriter Trevor De Silva (on video)!