History of LI’s Gold Coast

Stretching along the North Shore of Nassau County, Long Island’s Gold Coast has a legendary reputation, immortalized as East Egg and West Egg by F. Scott Fitzgerald in his book, “The Great Gatsby.”

In the early 20th Century, this region was the haven for High Society and people of influence. Movie stars, directors, producers, composers and entrepreneurs found their homes and inspiration in the Gold Coast. Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola, Joan Crawford, the Astors, Vanderbilts and scores of industry artists and business moguls were drawn to the gently rolling landscape that dips into the Long Island Sound.

Today, the Gold Coast is known for acres of white sand beaches, charming villages, first-class museums, world-class shopping and outstanding hotels and restaurants. It also remains a top tourist attraction and place to live. With its storied history, influence and appeal there’s no denying that the Gold Coast is the perfect location for a top-ranked international film festival.

The Gold Coast is just a short ride from New York City, and is easily accessible by car, train and the area’s three major airports: John F. Kennedy International, LaGuardia, and MacArthur.